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Your Information is always Safe with Miracle Vet™

Miracle Vet™ Website SSL Policy

Miracle Vet is committed to making sure your purchases are safe from our website.  We take great care to perform monthly and yearly checks of our system by a highly qualified professional information technology team, with years of experience.

Your Safety is Our Number One Concern

Miracle Vet uses state of the art, website security SSL (secure socket layer technology) with 256 bit encryption protection, which is in line with all of today's top online security standards.  We spare no expense making sure you are safe.

SSL (Secure socket layer) is technology that will scramble your payment information as it is transmitted over the internet.  This will not allow anyone to receive your information even if they are listening by means of a deceptive device.    

How To Make Sure Your Payment Information Is Safe

When making any purchases online always make sure at the top left of the page, in your browser's address bar the http: changes to an https:.  This stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure.

Miracle Vet Is A USA Company

The US has many more stricter laws in place than most other countries for online retailers.  We follow all US FTC laws and guidelines 100%.  Further guaranteeing your online purchasing safety.  

A Fully Secure Website

We run regular security checks to make sure our website is fully secure with SSL.  This allows us to be a trusted company with many companies such as & Microsoft.  

How To Check If A Website Is Secure

An easy way to check if a website is secure is to use the Google Chrome browser.  Google has long since called for a fully secure internet.  

The Google Chrome browser will let you know if a website is not secure from the address bar located on the top left of the browser. 

Secure websites will always display a green lock icon. The URL on secure website will always start with "https". ssl secure website example