A Miracle Pet starts with Miracle Vet"

Improve your pet's WEIGHT

  • D #1 Vet-Recommended Brand Worldwide
  • D Delivers results in as little as 24 hours
  • D Suitable for all breeds & all ages
  • D Made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients

A Healthy PET Is A Happy PET

You love your pet.

And here at Miracle Vet, we’re animal people—so we get it. Your little Spot, or Fluffy, or Felix isn’t just a pet...they’re a part of the family.

That’s why we spare no expense in making Miracle Vet the healthiest pet food products on the planet. All our products are packed with 100% all-natural ingredients that will nourish your pet from the inside out, giving them the vitamins and nutrients they need to look and feel their best every single day.

The top-notch ingredients in our formulas can even help with many common problems, such as:

  • Dry, itchy skin. The omega-3 fatty acids in our products will contribute to healthier skin and a beautiful, shining coat.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea. The prebiotics & probiotics in our formulas contain a special kind of fiber that improves the health of your pet's digestive system.
  • Arthritis or other joint problems. We even include glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep your dog’s or cat's joints healthy and pain-free.

Let your pet know how much you care by giving them the best. Give them Miracle Vet.

Customer Reviews

I've been using their weight gainer for nearly a year now and have been getting amazing results. So when I see they released a dog food, I knew I had to try it. On day 7, I noticed a number of improvements. Mainly, my dogs are satisfied with less food each meal. They also have less frequent bowel movements which is a clear indication that this food is sitting well with them. I intend on switching to this food permanently.

Mark Doyle (Miracle Vet dog food review)

This product was literally a life saver Miracle vet was litterally a life saver for our boxer Guardian. He had parvo at 8 weeks of age. During his recovery he continued to lose weight. We gave miracle vet a try. Within days he began to get his weight back. Within a week we could no longer see his ribs and after a month he was like a new dog. Full of life, energy, and at an ideal weight. I'm a firm believer in this product. Can't thank you guys enough.

Justin Happis (Miracle Vet weight gainer review)

I am giving this to one of my cats (senior) who is underweight, he has a thyroid condition and he is on medicine but he still too thin. It has been about a month and he has gained some weight and his coat is so shinny and healthy, nor more loose hair when petting him. I also notice he has more energy and sleeps better. He likes the taste so do the other ones, they lick the syringe :) 

Mike Jennings (Miracle Vet weight gainer review)

I'm very happy I found Miracle Vet. I actually emailed their nutritionist about which food was best for my 2 dogs because they're overweight, and he recommended this. My dogs love it, and are thriving. The package has no BPA, I like that. The food has no crap added. It is filled with veggies and fruits. I feed them with pure confidence. Before this I was using Science Diet, but this is much better when comparing the label. Thank you Miracle Vet.

Sean Flynn (Miracle Vet dog food review)

Very happy that I made the switchI used to feed my dog the usual dry food from walmart. He barely used to eat and when he did it was very reluctantly. I decided that something had to change and about a 2 months ago switched to Miracle Vet. I haven't looked back since. My 2 year old aussie husky just loves this food. He is healthier, happier, and has a nice shiny coat.

Jack Kerner (Miracle Vet dog food review)

My dogs have a hard time keeping weight on in the summer. I contacted the breeder that I purchased my pups from and he recommended Miracle Vet. I began adding it to my dog's water and after a couple of weeks, they were back to a perfect weight. I still use it and they no longer lose weight in this heat. Very happy camper.

Drew Mena (Miracle Vet weight gainer review)

For All Dogs & CAT OF ALL AGES

Vet-Recommend, Vet-Approved

All Miracle Vet formulas are reviewed and approved for quality, safety, and effectiveness by noted veterinarian, Dr. Christine Priest, DVM.

Miracle Vet products never contain artificial, harmful, or low quality ingredients. We never use grains, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, artificial, colors or unnatural preservative.

You will only find premium, all natural, vet-approved ingredients in Miracle Vet.

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