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Probiotic Chews for Gut Health 7-in-1

  • Digestive Health Support
  • Itching & Licking Aid
  • Allergy Support
  • Health & Energy Support
  • Bowel Movement Support
  • Vet-Reviewed for Puppies & Adults

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Suitable for:

  • Dogs with Digestive Issues
  • Dogs with Diarrhea, Gas, or Bloating
  • Dogs Who Need Defense againt Common Illnesses
  • Itching & Paw Licking Dogs
  • Dogs with Low Energy & Vitality

Nutrition Facts:

Active Ingredients per 1 chew
(All values are minimum unless otherwise stated)
Crude Fat 12%
Moisture (max) 25%
Beta Glucan 80 mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* 240 mg
EPA* (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 140 mg
DHA* (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 140 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids* 25 mg
Total (viable) Microbial Count* (Bacillus Coagulans) 1 billion CFU**

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles **Colony forming units

Here at Miracle Vet, we prioritize your dog's well-being. Our Probiotic Chews aren't just treats - they're a powerful 7-in-1 supplement for dogs designed to promote digestion and gut health, ensuring your dog has no nasty stomach bugs and can ensure optimum absorption of nutrients.

  • Enhanced Digestion - Our probiotic chews are formulated to improve digestion, reducing discomfort and promoting nutrient absorption.
  • Improved Immunity - A healthy gut supports a strong immune system, keeping your dog protected.
  • Gut Health Support - These chews contain healthy probiotics that contribute to a balanced gut flora, a key factor in overall health.
  • 7-in-1 Nutrition - Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for balanced diet.
  • Tasty and Natural - Crafted with natural ingredients, these chews are a delicious and healthy treat for your dog.

Gut-Friendly Treats Your Dog Will Love

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or seems to be malnourished despite a balanced diet, they may need probiotic chews.

Dog owners love our Best Selling Probiotics to improve their dog’s digestive health and to aid a balanced diet.

  • Comprehensive Gut Support - These chews provide a wide range of benefits, including digestion, gut flora balance, and overall well-being.
  • Convenient and Delicious - Your dog will love the taste, making it easy to incorporate into their daily routine.
  • Nutrient-Rich Formula - Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics for optimal health.
  • Digestive Comfort - Promote digestive health and reduce digestive discomfort.
  • Suitable for All Breeds - Our chews are perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Give the chews daily as a supplement or as a tasty treat, you can even split them up to give more regularly throughout the day. Your dog will never know how healthy these tasty chews really are as the bacon flavor is a real treat!

Probiotics for Pets

Some pets are naturally disposed to a sensitive tummy which can cause them to vomit or have loose stools. Not only is this uncomfortable for your pet, but it can also mean nutrients are not getting properly absorbed.

Probiotics are the best way to balance gut bacteria and improve digestive health in your pet, but getting your pet to eat a probiotic regularly isn’t easy.

Don’t worry, Miracle Vet is here to help!

Not only are our probiotic chews bacon flavored so dogs can’t resist the smell or taste, they also are packaged as a convenient treat. No pills or drops, but a yummy treat they will beg you for.

Packed with high quality natural ingredients, these yummy dog candies can support a healthy diet as well as be used as a convenient treat.

Choose Miracle Vet Probiotic Chews and provide your furry friend with the best in dog digestion and gut health. Order now and witness the transformation in your dog's health and vitality!

Potato Flour, Potato Starch, Brewers Dried Yeast, Rice Flour, Omega Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Flax Seed Milled, Salt, Pork Liver Powder, Cheese Powder, Bacon Flavor (natural), Vegetable Lecithin, Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product, Vegetable Glycerin USP, Caramel Color (natural), Inulin, Turmeric, Sorbic Acid, Calcium Propionate

Puppies and dogs under 15 lbs: 1⁄2 chew daily
15 to 20 lbs: 1 chew daily
31 to 50 lbs: 2 chews daily
Over 50 lbs: 1 chew for every 25 lbs of body weight

We recommend to begin with half the daily amount and gradually increase to the full suggested amount. Daily dose may be split.

Recommended dose may be split before physical acitivity, during, or after completion of physical activity.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container tightly closed.

Cautions: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Since individual results may vary, discontinue if you notice adverse reactions. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health care professional.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your veterinarian regarding any change in treatment or supplementation.

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