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Can Dogs Eat Rice?

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Can Dogs eat rice

A lot of our customers ask us about home cooked dog food and one question that always comes up is can dogs eat rice?

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates and contains many nutrients that make up a balanced diet. Rice should always be cooked as uncooked rice can contain spores that can develop into bacteria, this can cause discomfort and diarrhea in your dog. 

Cooked rice is a very nutritious meal that can supplement your dog's diet. 

Can I feed my dog chicken and rice every day?

Chicken and rice is a nutritious meal, however you should avoid feeding your dog rice every day as they may start lacking important nutrients. In the long term this nutrient deficiency can cause health problems. 

Like humans, eating the same foods day in day out is not recommended but if your dog is a fussy eater you may want to supplement their diet with multivitamins or nutrient rich supplements.

These additional supplements can help boost your dogs immunity, look after their joint and organ health and help fight allergies. 

For a balanced chicken and rice meal try Miracle Vet Instant Fresh Dehydrated Chicken and Vegetable Risotto Wet Food and Topper for Dogs

Should dogs eat white or brown rice

Rice is rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains vitamins D, B1, and B6 that support your dog's heart health and metabolism. Brown rice is a bit richer in these nutrients than white rice although both are part of a recommended diet.

White rice can help soothe an irritated bowel and help with your dogs diarrhea, it is often advised as part of a short term diet if your dog has an upset stomach. In addition to rice you can get supplements that will support your dogs gut health.  

White rice does have a higher glycemic index so is more likely to cause an insulin spike, so if your dog is diabetic consult your vet about how much rice they should have in their nutritional plan. 

Compared to brown rice, white rice will cook faster, and because it is easier to digest it is often used for puppies adapting to new foods. When introducing any new food to your dog you should always be on the lookout for changes to their bowels, coats and any behavioral changes such as scratching, this may indicate an allergy. 

Allergies to rice are very rare but understanding your dog's diet and nutritional needs will help you identify any problem foods. .

How to feed my dog rice

Rice is easy and quick to cook at home, boiling the rice in a pan with water is all you need to do, there is no need to add any seasoning such as salt and pepper. 

Miracle Vet has an excellent freeze dried risotto that includes rice, but also chicken and vegetables to make up a balanced meal with all the nutrients your dog needs. It is made with white rice which is gentle on the stomach to prevent any upset. 

For more tips on looking after your dog and making sure they have a complete and balanced diet, sign up to our newsletter.

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