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Dog Digestion Remedies

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Dog Digestion Remedies
Dog Digestion Remedies


Better Dog Digestion Remedies

Improving digestion in your dog has many health benefits.  We all want our furry friends to feel their best as much as possible and digestion is a large part of that.

It will help your dog have more regular bowel movements, have less gas and diarrhea, and a healthy gut biome is important to their immune system and overall health.  

There are many different ways to improve digestion in your dog, from supplements and vitamins to adding healthy food to their regular meals but the easiest way is to get them on a high quality, premium dog food.  

While it is best to start your pup with a great food, it’s never too late to improve your dog’s diet.

Benefits of better digestion

There are many benefits to improved digestion.  One reason is it becomes easier for the body to absorb nutrients from their food.  

If a dog has poor digestion, a lot of vitamins and minerals will pass through the digestive tract and be expelled through the bowels instead of absorbed by the body and used.   

Regularity and improvements in their bowel movements will be one of the first things you notice. Dogs will also be less gassy and bloated with better digestion.

If you have a dog that cannot hold him or herself while you’re at work for the day digestion might be the issue and can be resolved with a proper diet.  

It may not even be too late to save your carpet! Another great benefit is weight. It will be easier for your dog to maintain a proper weight level with better digestion.

Whether you want them to lose, gain, or maintain their current weight level improved digestion will help immensely.

Better nutrient absorption will also help your dog with energy and mental clarity.

When they are getting all the right nutrients to all the right places dogs will run like a well-oiled machine.  

Regular exercise helps with energy levels and mental clarity as well, there is no way around it, diet and exercise is the best way to have a happy, healthy pet.  

Maintaining a healthy gut biome will help your dog fight disease.  The immune system which is what the body uses to fight off illness is highly influenced but digestive health.  

A dog food with probiotics is one way to improve in this area. The healthier a dog eats, the healthier they will be in just about all ways.  

It may not be conspicuous, but better digestion will also help your dog’s mood.

Not only are some hormones influenced by gut health and digestion but also if your dog is not feeling well and constantly bloated they will not be at the top of their game.  

Physical health plays a larger role in mood than most of us realize.

How to improve digestion in your dog

Once you have decided you want to improve your dog’s digestion, there are several ways to do so.  

The simplest, easiest, and healthiest way is to simply get them on a higher quality food.

What exactly is it about certain foods and ingredients that can lead to better digestion you ask?  Below we listed several positive and negative attributes of dog foods and how they can either help or hinder your dog’s digestion.

Meat Based

A dog food that lists meat as the first ingredient is important.  Dog’s did evolve from wolves and are natural carnivores.

They are not obligate carnivores and can get nutrition from other sources and there are plenty of other ingredients that go into a healthy nutrition plan but meat should always be the first ingredient.  

Protein from meat is one of the most essential nutrients in your dog’s diet.

Not all ingredients listed as meat are created equal.  

For better digestion and overall health, you want your dog’s food to name the source it came from.  

Any food that lists “animal protein” or “animal product” should be a no-go. Something like whitefish, duck, chicken, or beef will let you know where it actually came from and ensures it is not just scraps used for ingredients.  

Many dogs with digestive issues fair better on a seafood-based diet.


A food with no fillers will also help improve your dog’s digestion.  A filler is an ingredient that does not have much, or any, nutritional value but is there to cheaply add calories to the food.  

Some of the most common types of fillers used in dog food are wheat, soy, and corn. Any premium dog food should not have any of these ingredients.  

There are some popular brands of dog food that will have corn or cornmeal listed as their first ingredient. This should immediately be considered a red flag.  

Grain vs. Grain Free Dog Food

Some dogs can do well with grain as a small part of their diet, but not all.  Grains are not in a dog’s natural diet so if your dog is suffering from poor digestion going grain-free may be the key to helping them improve.  

Dogs have trouble breaking down cereal grains and complex carbohydrates, this means a dog food containing grain will not be good for their digestive system.

Dogs with diarrhea or gas issues will often greatly benefit from going grain free as well.


Probiotics are great for the digestive tract.  In fact, probiotics are a great addition to any diet for a number of reasons.  

We already have an article on our blog that goes into depth on the benefits of probiotics.  If you wish to read more please follow this link


Food allergies are also a common cause or poor digestion.  You can get your dog tested for allergies by your vet, or if the allergy is not life-threatening, use trial and error.  

Grains may be the most common allergens, but it is also possible for your dog to be allergic to a certain type of meat.

If your dog is not doing well on a chicken based food, try a seafood-based diet.  You may not know what exactly your dog is allergic to but once you find a food that is working well for your dog there should be no need to switch.

Quality of Ingredients

One of the main differences between a low quality and a premium dog food is the quality of ingredients.  

Ingredients that are properly sourced and of a higher quality will be easier for your dog to digest. The easier it is for them to digest the more improvement to digestion you will see.  

It’s not always just the food, but also any other treats you may give your dog.

Giving your dog a premium food but also giving them too many table scraps or low-quality treats can also lead to poor digestion.  

Think of a person eating healthy for their meals, but then consuming sweets in between. Food is the primary part, but not the entire picture to a complete and balanced nutrition plan.

When you find a dog food like Miracle Vet that fits all these criteria you should see better digestion in your dog quickly.  It does not take eating clean very long for noticeable improvements in digestion and overall health.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, click here to learn more about MiracleVet Omega Biotics.

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