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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Daily

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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Daily

how to keep your dog healthy

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Whether you are a new dog owner, or already have a few dogs running around your yard.  We as owners can sometimes overlook the little things necessary to keep our dogs healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.  

So, here are a few tips and tricks to making sure your K9 is always happy.  

Make Sure You Feed Your Dog A Proper Diet

Making sure your dog is fed the proper diet is the number one action you can take as a dog owner to make sure they are healthy.  

Many dog owners often overlook this step and it can easily be corrected.

Take time to educate yourself, what you should be feeding your best friend.  Start to be conscious of the labels on food and really take the time to learn what they mean.

For instance, did you know, not all protein is the same and some dogs can be allergic to certain kinds of protein.

Many dog food claims to have the best type of protein but not all are created equal.  And when you learn just exactly what your dog should be eating, you just may solve some of their health ailments.

There are many good and bad foods on the market.  Just ask Dog Food Advisor. On his website, you can learn what you should be feeding your K9.  

And, in our case here at Miracle Vet, when customers switch over to our Miracle Vet dog food, they tend to see their dog have many improvements in their health.

And one of those improvements can be in their dog's skin and less shedding.

But, don’t take our word for it.  Read what our customers such as Camilo V say Miracle Vet dog food does for his dog's skin.

"Great for skin issues. This is the 6th food I tired!!! Finally something that works! For the past 4 months my dog was suffering from hot spots, bald patches, and a thinning coat. After switching to Miracle Vet these issues were completely gone within 20-25 days. I've tried blue, orijen, merricks, and TOTW prior to Miracle Vet. NONE of these foods could clear up my dog skin problems. Miracle Vet was my last resort. It's a shame I didn't find this food sooner."    

Now, when it comes to feeding your dog, many veterinarians will agree that raw meat is the best to feed them.

But, feeding raw is time-consuming and can get expensive.  So, just make sure you feed them the best dog food you can afford.  

Keeping Your Dog Active

One of the things many dogs want to do is just run.  In Fact, you might even catch your dog dreaming while they are sleeping and they will move their legs as if they were running.  Yes, it’s that important to them.

Just like when you were maybe 16 and just got your license and your dreamt of taking the family car with your friends somewhere.  That’s how dogs think of running.

But what do you do if you do not have the time or even a big enough yard for them to run in?  

Well, the simple solution is, you make time or you hire someone who can care for your dog for you.  

In today’s day and age, there are dog walking services in just about every city. Just Google for the service and you will be sure to find someone who can help.

The other idea is to make sure you take them out to the park on the weekends and let them run to their heart's content.

Also, buy a flirt pole and make time for them in the yard every day.  

Be a proactive owner and make sure your dog gets lots of exercises but make sure you don’t over do it also.  

Some dogs will try really hard to please their owners and will go the extra mile to make you happy.  

So, be sure to give your dog breaks, especially on hot days.  

Take Your Dog To The Vet

Another area, to help keep your dog healthy is making sure you take your dog to the vet for checkups as often as the vet tells you to.

Dogs, need checkups, shots, and everything else just the same as you.  And the only way to do this is to find a good veterinarian and develop a relationship.

Sure, doctors are busy and sometimes they do not seem to have the bedside manner we would like.  But, that’s no excuse to not find a good vet and take them regularly.

Many times, things can be found ahead of time, if you always go for regular check-ups.  

And, your vet can be your best friend when it comes to knowledge about your dog.  Your vet can clarify some of the things you were wondering about your dog.

For instance, many dogs seem to climb the walls after they come in from a walk. They just don’t seem to settle down.

This happened to a friend of ours and when she took her dog to the vet, she asked him why.  

The Vet asked a few questions and determined the German Shepherd was hungry after every nightly walk.

Crystal took her vet’s advice and began feeding her Sheppard after each walk. The Sheppard was calmer after his walks and didn’t tear up the house anymore every night.  

You see, it’s very simple but yet it took a veterinarian to figure it out.

So, long story short, make sure you see a vet with your dog on a regular basis.  

Make Your Dog Part Of The Family

We have all seen them and especially heard their dogs every day.  The dog owners, who leave their dog outside day and night and never spend any time with them.  

After a week of this treatment, some dogs begin to howl out of boredom or loneliness and sometimes miss-treatment.  

Now, we are not saying you have to set a chair and a placemat for your dog at the dinner table.  But, your dog has feelings just like humans do and they need affection and love also.

Make sure you spend time with your dog and make sure they know you care.

A dog who is well loved can be spotted a mile away.  Everyone knows that dog is happy.

So, make sure to follow proper dog training advice for a well-mannered dog.  But also, show your dog affection so they know you care.

Notice Other Things They Need

Having a dog is not just a set and forget thing.  Dogs require maintenance just like humans.

They too have issues that you may need to check on from time to time to keep them happy.  So below is a list of other things you may need to keep a watchful eye on.

Some things on the list your vet will mention or even take care of.  But this is also a reminder.

  1. Brushing your dog's teeth
  2. Keep your dog vaccinated
  3. Check their ears for ear mites etc.
  4. Keep their nails trimmed
  5. Brush and groom your dog regularly
  6. Bathe them regularly
  7. Make sure they are at their proper weight
  8. Check them for bumps etc

These are just a few of the other things you may need to help your dog with.  Ask your vet for more advice about what you may need to do as different dog breeds may need different care.  


As you can see, it’s not rocket science to keep your dog healthy and happy.  But, we are not experts and need to seek professional help from time to time so we can figure out what our pets are trying to say to us sometimes.  

So, if you follow these tips as base rules and follow up with your veterinarian about the rest, you will be well on to your way of having a healthy and totally happy dog you can enjoy for years to come.                                     

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