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Pampering your Pooch this Holiday Season

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Christmas gifts your dog will love

The Holiday season is an exciting time and part of the joy is giving gifts to loved ones. A survey by Chewy found that 94% of American pet owners are planning on buying their pets a gift for Christmas! 

We look at some of the best gifts you can buy your dog this holiday season. 

What do you buy your dog for Christmas? 

Dogs are loyal and loving family pets and their favorite thing will be spending time with you, but you can make the holiday season extra special by treating them to a few little gifts by the fire or under the tree. 

Dog Toys and Special Gifts

Treat your dog to some new toys or accessories for the holidays. Choose toys that are safe and enjoyable for your pup. Look for festive-themed toys or ones that challenge your dog's mind and keep them engaged.

A great gift that is both fun and useful is a puzzle slow feeding bowl, or a treat puzzle game, something that stimulates their mind and is great for dogs especially around the holidays when they may be feeling overwhelmed. 

Other gifts such as throw balls and pulley games are very popular with younger dogs and you can join in with playtime. 

Dog Treats

Homemade Christmas dog treats or bought, are a great gift for your dog around Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays are often focused around food which means lots of tempting smells for your dog. Help them settle with tasty bacon flavored dog treats or look at dog friendly treat recipes to make your own. 

Many of our favorite treats such as chocolate and macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs so allowing them some safe treats will make the holidays more fun for all. 

Cozy Bed and Dog Blankets

Upgrade your dog's sleeping area with a new, comfy bed or a set of warm blankets. Make their space extra inviting during the winter season. You can even add some festive pillows or cushions for a holiday touch.

Holiday Outfits

Dress your dog up in a cute Christmas outfit. There are countless options, from Santa costumes to reindeer antlers, that can add a touch of holiday cheer to your dog's appearance. Make sure the outfit is comfortable and safe for your dog as not all dogs will enjoy dressing up.

Christmas Dog Walks and Adventures

With most people getting time off for the holidays you can allocate some of this time to take your dog on extra special walks or adventures. Visit a nearby park, nature reserve, or hiking trail. Let your dog enjoy the crisp winter air, explore new scents, and have some off-leash fun in a secure area.

If you have family visiting, or are visiting friends and family yourself, this is a great activity for all to get some fresh air, walk off the turkey dinner and enjoy time together.

Snuggle Time with your Pooch

Spend quality time cuddling with your dog by the fireplace or on the couch. Dogs appreciate the warmth and comfort of human companionship, so make it a point to snuggle up together for some relaxation.

Why not put on some of your favorite holiday movies while you enjoy a snuggle with your favorite dog. 

Doggy Spa Day

Just like us, dogs like a little pampering from time to time. Treat your dog to a spa day with a bath, brush, and gentle massage. Use dog-friendly grooming products and pamper your pup with a relaxing spa experience. You can do this yourself or book into a canine spa or hydrotherapy center. 

Special Dog Meals

Give your dog a special meal for the holidays, let them have dog treats more often and why not give them a tasty chicken topper on their food. Not all food will be good for your pet and some human foods are toxic but you can still make the holiday meals a bit special. 

A Holiday Adventure

Include your dog in some of your holiday activities, like taking them on a car ride to see Christmas lights, visiting pet-friendly stores to pick out a gift, or participating in pet-friendly community events.

Donate to Less Fortunate Dogs

In the spirit of giving, consider donating to a local animal shelter or rescue organization in your dog's name. Your dog may not fully understand the concept, but it's a thoughtful way to give back to less fortunate animals during the holiday season.

At Miracle Vet we donate food all year round to dog and cat rescue shelters, making sure all dogs get the nutrition they deserve.

Remember that the most important aspect of pampering your dog during Christmas is spending quality time with them and making them feel loved and special. Dogs thrive on the love and attention of their owners, so the holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation for your loyal companion.

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